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Kelanrowe Ragdoll Cats and Kittens

Registered Breeder of Quality Ragdoll Kittens, Newcastle and Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Our New Traditional Ragdolls

Here at Kelanrowe Ragdolls, we have decided to take our breeding program down another path and are looking toward breeding and preserving the Traditional Ragdoll Lines.

Guysndolls Mr Jazzman

Jazz is only a young boy at 8 months pictured here. He is already a big, well developed young man who has had lots of success on the show bench as a kitten. We look forward to seeing how well he does as an adult

Ch Guysndolls Sweet Symphony

What is a Traditional Ragdoll?

Most breeders define a traditional Ragdoll as being a Ragdoll cat that has only seal, blue, chocolate, or lilac Ragdoll cats in its pedigree. In addition to that all pedigree lines must trace back to the original cats from which the breed started.

Ragdoll cats that conform to the above statement are becoming a smaller group of cats within the gene pool, as once a tabby, red series, solid or outcross Ragdoll appears in the pedigree the resulting offspring are not classed as traditional Ragdolls. This does not change as you move down the generations.

Champion Guysndolls Miss Congeniality

Guysndolls Shantala

Guysndolls Blue Velvet

Guysndolls Jezabel

Photos coming soon

Finding these special lines of ragdolls is not easy here in Australia as the majority have outcrossing to Persian, Birman, Balinese and Domestic cats.

Fortunately I have been blessed to have a dear friend in this endeavour, Debbie LeStrange from Guys n dolls Ragdolls, who has spent countless hours researching, sending emails and making phone calls around the world to trace these lines.

Debbie has provided us with our first fully traditional cats and they will be the foundation of a new breeding program here at Kelanrowe. We can’t thank Debbie enough for entrusting us with these beauties and all her help, guidance and friendship. We look forward to working under the guidance of Debbie for the improvement and preservation of these wonderful cats.


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